What are Georgians Fixing

The devices Georgians tried to fix in 2018 and why it's harder to repair than it should be
Released by: Environment Georgia Research & Policy Center

Here in Georgia, we want to fix our stuff. 

Something breaks, or doesn’t work right. You could throw it away, but you don’t want to be wasteful, so you try to figure out how to get it fixed.

According to a review of data from iFixit, a self-described “repair guide for everything, written by everyone.” 2.4 million unique users from Georgia went onto their website www.ifixit.com to look up how to repair something in 2018. That’s 23 percent, nearly 1 in 4 Georgians. 

Looking more closely into that data from iFixit, the top ten device types that Georgians attempted to fix were cell phones, automobiles, laptops, gaming consoles, tablets, desktop computers, smart watches, iPods, coffee makers and speakers. Cell phone repair guides were by far the most popular, receiving 26 percent of all the page views.