Renewable Energy 101

Tools for Moving Your Campus to 100 Percent Clean Energy
Released by: Environment Georgia Research & Policy Center

America has enough renewable energy potential from the sun and wind to power the nation several times over. Technological advances, including the development and commercialization of new methods of energy storage, along with continued declines in the price of renewable energy technologies such as solar power and advances in energy efficiency, suggest that a 100 percent renewable energy system can be achieved. States, cities, major corporations, and universities are meeting the challenges involved with this major shift in energy usage and production by setting their own 100 percent clean energy goals.

In Georgia, cities like Atlanta, Augusta, Athens and Clarkston have adopted 100 percent clean and renewable energy commitments and are in the process of designing the programs and projects that will be needed to meet these aggressive goals. As more cities get on board, Georgia will need more clean energy innovation and expertise than ever before.

Thankfully, Georgia’s universities are up to the challenge and already have real world experience with the major tools that our cities will need to meet their goals. The state’s institutions of higher learning have invested in everything from efficient heating, cooling, and transportation to renewable energy sources. These campuses are rigorously addressing the climate crisis, saving money, and educating students and community members in the process. These case studies illustrate the importance, challenges and opportunities of technologies and strategies associated with building a 100 percent clean, renewable energy system.