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Bernhardt announces an indefinite delay to the administration’s unpopular offshore drilling expansion

"It’s a good day in America when the administration announces it will delay plans to massively expand offshore oil drilling. This is welcome news because, while the delay may stem more from the court ruling, it's a decision that makes even more sense based on the fact that expanding offshore drilling in 2019 is wildly unpopular."

News Release | Environment America

Statement: EPA seeks to legalize pollution via groundwater

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a new interpretation of the Clean Water Act on Monday that fails to protect against pollution that passes through groundwater before reaching our waterways. The EPA is grossly misinterpreting the Clean Water Act and putting our waters at risk by opening loopholes for pollution. This change would leave the public vulnerable to toxic pollution, as our current lawsuit in Massachusetts demonstrates.

News Release | Environment Georgia Research & Policy Center

Putting solar panels on new homes could grow Georgia’s solar capacity 7-fold

Atlanta -- If builders start putting solar panels on all new Georgia homes in 2020, the state could increase 7-fold its current solar power capacity by 2045, according to a new report released today by Environment Georgia Research & Policy Center. Such a policy could also cut annual carbon dioxide emissions from energy use by 6 percent of 2015 levels by 2045.

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Statement: Senators push agencies to act on toxic chemicals known as PFAS

Today, the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works held a hearing on toxic per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), a source of widespread drinking water contamination. While our federal agencies are standing by, Congress is taking a real bipartisan interest in tackling PFAS contamination in our drinking water. In states as far-flung as Colorado, Michigan, and North Carolina, this urgent public health problem calls for urgent action.

News Release | Environment Georgia

Resolution to Block Oil and Gas Exploration &Drilling off Georgia’s Coast Moves Forward

Atlanta, GA--Today the Environmental Quality Subcommittee of the Georgia House of Representatives passed HR 48 a resolution in support of coastal communities and opposed to exploration & drilling for oil and gas off of Georgia’s Coast. The Resolution is in reaction to a draft plan introduced by the Bureau of Ocean & Energy Management (BOEM) that proposed leasing waters off the coast of the Atlantic, including Georgia, to oil and gas companies. BOEM is currently drafting a second plan that could be released any day. The Resolution passed after a hastily introduced substitute that favored offshore energy development and downplayed environmental and economic concerns was defeated.

Jennette Gayer, Environment Georgia’s Director offered the following statement.


“We applaud the Environmental Quality Subcommittee for their support of HR 48. In an age of remarkable advances in energy conservation and renewable energy technologies, at a time when global warming poses an existential threat to future generations, sacrificing our beaches and ocean wildlife is no longer, if it ever was, the price we must pay for progress. That’s not a world we have to live in anymore. Nor is it the future our children deserve.

Unfortunately, a federal proposal threatens our coast and we need our legislature and Governor Kemp to continue to stand up for the amazing natural resource Georgia has been blessed with. We hope the House will continue to move and pass HR 48 and urge the Senate to do the same with SR 88.”